Short history of the Woodstock site! For years, there was an on-going battle to obtain the land where the original 1969 Woodstock Concert took place. The land was bought from Max's estate by Louis Nicky. Upon Nicky's death, the land became a battleground over ownership; ex's, girlfriends, step-sons, it all gets kind of weird here. When June Gelish, Nicky's companion died, the natural 37 acre amphitheater and an additional 1000 acres surrounding the site were purchased by billionaire, Alan Gerry.

Every year, thousands still show up with their families and friends for the Woodstock reunion. Many didn't even go to the original concert, but want to pass on or renew the FEELINGS of Woodstock. They want to remember humankind at its generous, harmonious best. Until 1998...every year, locals have invented ways of trying to stop them from gathering at the site.The pranks ranged from truly childish thru extremely petty to somewhat frightening. But, the people still came together in peace.

For years, the controversy has engulfed Yasgur's Farm, a fledgling concert center created by owners Roy Howard & Jeryl Abramson, in Max Yasgur's old calving barn. Bethel officials continue to make life difficult for those who are trying to keep the memories alive with injunctions, possible arrests, and nearly impossible demands. It seems that the peaceful 'Right of Free Assembly' doesn't exist in Bethel, New York.

Here's a surprise... NOT!!

In a flurry of activity in 1998, local politicians re-wrote or amended laws and ordinances regarding 'mass gatherings'...but only for some. Due to those last minute changes, billionaire site 'owner', Alan Gerry, held 'mass-gathering' sized, multi-day concert events dubbed 'A Day In The Garden' on the Site for two years. Meanwhile, Roy Howard got slapped with law suits and restraining orders. Too late to save the site's pristine state, the state has stepped in with a proposal.

In 2000 and again in 2001, nothing took place on the site during the anniversary...too much time and trouble...not enough profit! Only by holding 'political rallies' have Roy and Jeryl welcomed those folks looking for somewhere to camp and celebrate those three days of peace, love and music.

Ah...it seems that conflict never ends!!! Fortunately, one thing can NEVER be suppressed....



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